Improving your Property

With rising energy costs you might want to consider how to make your home more efficient.

Solar panels, underfloor heating, wood burning fires with back boilers etc.

This year we are working with clients to build a car port with a roof covered with solar panels.

If we manage your second home then we not only take care of it within a schedule to suit you but will work with you on any project ideas you have.

Home security

Creating a smart home

Making your home guest ready

Improving heating systems

Refits of kitchens/ bathrooms etc

Bespoke carpentry

Garden and landscape improvements / planting of orchards

outdoor lighting and irrigation systems

Improving access/road to house

We’re experts at multi tasking and working with you to realise any indoor or outdoor project.

Here’s Dominik building a terrace which doubles as a cover for an unsightly tank.

We’re also great at designing wooden structures for car parks, gazebos, outdoor terrace pergolas.