Our Services

Bills and Utilities

We offer a comprehensive second home organisation service. This includes dealing with utilities – setting up, paying bills and monitoring the account, solving any problems that may arise with electricity board, water board etc.

Also we deal with correspondence and rates from local communes, helping you to understand and pay correctly.

Translation Services

Call on us for all translation issues.

Your Go Between

We can be your trusted link to local services, builders, plumbers etc making sure your needs are met and negotiating any works you need completing.

You might need to communicate with your Italian neighbour, your local council offices and numerous other people. Let us represent you, ensuring your needs are met.

Wi Fi and Communication Solutions

We have worked with various wi fi companies. Depending on your location we can advise on the best company to use and help you get online!

Link you to services and companies

We have a comprehensive list of local artisans and companies who we can link you up with! Our experience means introductions to the right people, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Other services

We can recommend a reliable local holiday letting agent and work with them on your behalf.

Link you with trusted professionals, lawyers, notaries.

Whatever your needs we can find a solution.