Making Sure Your Pool is Well Managed

Summer pool care

A well managed pool will need regular checks and cleaning

Opening/Closing of your Pool

Let our experienced team get your pool started for the season and closed at the end


Thomas can confidently solve all your pool issues

Supplier of Pool accessories etc

Pool covers, liners, chemicals, nets …

Solar Panels

Make the most of the sun. Install solar panels to heat your pool

‘we would highly recommend Thomas to anyone who needs help with their pool here in Le Marche’

Lynne and Rupert Bozeat of Casa Cassetta

Health and safety

For your own use and for guests you will want to ensure that the water quality is perfect.

An essential part of our pool checking services.

All shapes and sizes

There are numerous types and sizes of pools. We have a wealth of experience and can make the best decisions on how to run yours efficiently

Enjoy your pool

Pools are complicated and we aim to manage yours so you and your guests can enjoy it !